Kari began practicing yoga and meditation in 2001 with the hope of reducing her worrisome nature. Early on, her daily practice was inspired by the routine and challenge experienced with Ashtanga yoga. Her mind discovered some steadiness and her body awareness grew, along with a realization of her physical strength. Over time she started to feel more spaciousness and freedom from the cacophony of her previous worries.  

With over fifteen years of this sort of wakeful living, she has instilled a life-long intention to do everything with passionate ease and a whole lot of heart.

Kari appreciates the balance of yin and yang qualities in her life. As a teacher she embodies a smooth union of science-minded knowledge and heart-centered intuition. The ease and clarity of her teaching provides a welcoming environment for students with inquiring minds and bodies. She infuses her classes with intelligent, mindful-based practices. The support of Kari's respectful hands-on assists helps students unravel areas of tension and restriction. 

Kari completed the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training and the Advanced Teacher Training and continues to study with Ana Forrest. Additional trainings with Sarah Powers in Yin Yoga and a 500-hr advanced teacher training guided by Daniel Orlansky in Yoga of Energy Flow greatly influence her teaching. Ongoing study of CranioSacral Therapy with The Upledger Institute and the Milne Institute informs her hands-on assists. 

Her professional yang to her yogic yin? Off the mat she delights in the intellectual challenge of working as a mechanical engineer, investigating train collisions in the United States and developing improvements in transportation safety. Kari holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has authored over 30 technical publications on the topic of rail crashworthiness. She teaches in STEM workshops for young women and minorities.